I listened to the audio lessons from Russianpod101 from the beginning of 2016 to the later half of 2017. That’s a long time ago, and my Russian got a lot better. Still, as core lessons of the program have remained the same, I’d like to write a Russianpod101 review.

If you’re on the verge of getting the program, I hope this review will help you get more clarity.

So I started listening to Russianpod101 when I was a beginner. I’d just followed the Michel Thomas beginner course, and was looking for a new course to listen to.

Then, my Russian girlfriend invited me to fly to Moscow for 2 weeks. But since noone really speaks English well there, I felt I had to step up my Russian skills.

I googled around and found Russianpod101.

Here are the 2 best parts:

  • Audio lessons: the audio lessons are around 15 minutes and cover every important part you need to learn: listening to a conversation, vocabulary, grammar and Russian culture and traditions.
  • List of 2000 most common words: a list of the most common words with their pronunciation and indication of the stress. Since Russian is so different from English you must emphasize learning new words.

The program had a lot of other extras, such as video lessons, audio lesson quizzes and PDFs, but I didn’t pay much attention to those.

Just listening to 1 audio lesson per day and adding the 2000 most common words to an Ankidroid deck was all I needed.

The audio lessons have a nice structure:

  1. a 30 second conversation in Russian
  2. a repetition of the conversation, but now slowly
  3. translations of each sentence
  4. new vocabulary
  5. explanation of grammar
  6. cultural remarks
  7. repetition of the dialogue

I especially like that the structure of the lesson teaches you everything you need to learn Russian. Except for speaking, you have to do practice that with a native speaker.

There are some bad sides to Russianpod 101 though:

  • Upsells: even if you’ve signed up, you still get the upsells in each lesson to sign up for their program (it’s hardcoded), or to sign up for a higher plan. It’s a bit annoying, but okay.
  • Eddy: one teacher is called Eddy, and he’s a bit annoying. The other teachers (native and non-native) are good.

Is Russianpod101 free?

Yes and no. There is a 7 day free trial. But in general it’s a paid podcast, that starts from $4 per month for the basic plan if you get it for 2 years. I recommend signing up for the free trial and checking out the program before you make a final decision.

Conclusion Russianpod101 review

If there’s one program that helped me a lot to speak Russian, it’s Russianpod101. It’s not free, but it’s way cheaper and effective than following classes in your neighbourhood.

I recommend you sign up for the free trial and see how it works for you.

A balanced honest and detailed RussianPod101 review

RussianPod10 by Innovative Language is a large library which contains many audio and video files. The feature Learning Paths gives teachers vast improvements in lesson navigation. The best online audio resource for learning Russian that I have seen is this one here. Clicking on any of the categories brings you to a long list of courses containing link to the relevant lessons on nearly every real-life situation you encounter in Russia. Overall an option for everyone who learns Russian. I highly recommend this online audio course as another alternative course in Russian. UPDATE (March 2021) : Since we originally wrote this review RussianPod 101 has consistently improved its overall quality and content amount.

Russian Uncovered: A Better Alternative To RussianPod101

Russian Uncovered is a comprehensive online beginner course that takes you from total beginner to intermediate level. It’s powered from a unique, fun process named StoryLearning®. Storylearning is a procedure invented to teach you languages by natural means. In this course you will learn through an exciting original story in Russian written particularly for beginner learners. Although you learn through stories you have a native teacher and an experienced language learner at your side all the way through the course offering explanations in English and tips to learn the material quickly. When you finished you’ll confidently be fluent in intermediate to advanced – level, ready to do business and use your Russian in the real life!

Overview of RussianPod101

Is there a full library or a catalog for Russianpod 101 a way to learn a little about audio/video? When earlier lessons are done predominantly in English the proportion of Russian language used steadily grows as you get closer to when the late lessons completely lack english language. The number of lessons in each level really varies and it has 186 lessons for the absolute beginner level for example. It’s strange that the lessons are usually taken on more or less the same path. So you might also see some lessons you have already done. Unfortunately the structure is not as clear and logical as one would expect in textbooks. Therefore it would be best to be used as an additional resource and not a standalone course.

Content delivery and style of the RussianPod101 audio lessons

All lessons is a Podcast which is an introduction of the subject with two explanations. Two of the Best Features of the RussianPod101 Lesson are the PDF lesson notes and line-by-line vocab and expressions. The written notes accompanying each lesson on the site are very detail-oriented and complete. So in fact these are the most inspiring works written lesson materials I’ve ever seen. You can download the dialogues as MP3, which provides a handy repetitive listening tool when you don’t sit at the computer. If you need help speaking your mind can even record your own diction. You can then compare its pronunciation to that of a native speaker with the audio file you recorded.

How does RussianPod101 work?

Innovative Language believes in pragmatic expressions aligned with CEFR competency classes in the natural context of native speech. The majority of all lessons then start with a dialogue in which a spoken English skill is brought in context. The native speakers who create the content have an important freedom of selection of what they teach although we have a few typical series such as Survival Phrases which teaches roughly the same kinds of expressions across all. However when you reach the higher levels a native speaker has the more flexibility to create unique and interesting contents. There’s consistent ‘language consistency’ especially in content for the beginners.

Audio and Video Lessons

There’s a large quantity of material available which you can concentrate on. Although the previous lessons typically focus on specific words or useful phrases that you’ll come across in Russian, early lessons offer a more thorough look at how the language really works and more of the lessons focus on. Some of the lessons come as a video format some in the form of a podcast and are usually very well produced. In addition to these several thousands of lessons there may be other features of this app that can help you with your linguistics development and success. The progression for Absolute Beginner to intermediate and to advanced is also impressive to observe.

What about the RussianPod101 video lesson quality?

Some of the videos are obviously rubbish or other are very good. Since reading the review the quality of the video has increased dramatically. The bonus listening comprehension video is very challenging but probably my favorite among all of them. On RussianPod101 we have many clips to watch, and the videos are excellent as in the audio and the music videos. A PDF or video file can also be downloaded for those PDFs or videos. The bonus video clips of listening comprehension are definitely the most challenging among the bunch but very good at honing your listening skills with the help of a Russian woman who goes through various expressions and vocabulary.

Learning Method

Lessons usually revolve around particular phrases that may be modified to give rise to new expressions or ideas. Subjects are often focused on Russia’s history, culture and daily life. The modules “useful sentences” show you how to introduce yourself, make an online purchase and talk on the phone. Advanced lessons emphasize language and cultural learning. If you prefer the immersive approach your teacher might enjoy it. However you will have to look into other courses if you intend to master these courses. RussiaPod101 does not try making you an Alexander Tolstoy but is more about teaching you enough so you can handle yourself independently.

A look inside RussianPod101

RussianPod101 is organized into five proficiency levels. Each level has different season or sequences of lessons organized by theme. Each set has somewhere between 1 and 100 lessons in it (though most have 20-20 lessons each). This brings up a huge library of Russian podcast lessons which makes this a substantial source of knowledge. It is hard to decide where to start. Fortunately, an useful feature has been introduced:’Learning Paths’. This offers you multiple courses of varying types based on your current level and what you wish to learn. For example, beginners can choose an education format based on Russian Alphabet Made Easy.

Starting the journey: First Impressions

The onboard and signup process is fairly quick and straightforward. You can choose from diverse paths based on your interests and leaning goals. Putting through the lessons is easy, but it becomes more evident that this program is certainly written for beginners. There is some advanced material accessible, but it doesn’t push forward like other advanced Russian programmes do. How can a program stack up to scrutiny? Let’s take a look at the program’s individual parts which include flash cards, dictionaries, the archive of lectures and the archived lessons. Read up about our favorite Russian language learning software.

What is Russianpod101?

RussianPod101 is an online language program created by Innovative Language Learning. The task of this institution involves teaching a clear and effective Russian language. They follow lessons based on real life Russian – speaking stories. You really view it as a multi-cultural immersion program in Russian. In my experience I find it a great way to feel like being really in Russia, even if you’re in another country. The best way to learn a language is to go to the country they speak that language so immersion is a good thing to learn is to immerse yourself in the language you speak as you learn.

Get started

It’s quick and simple to get started with RussianPod101 learning all your first words and concepts in a little time. The lessons all take the form of videos and are overall fairly well conducted. Alisha — which I presume is an American — and Katya — a Russian — run the content in a quick and acerbic ways. The final video gives you some quick lesson recap, this was really important. Even though lessons are generally in English (at least from that early age), you learn quite a lot quite quickly. If you found the material too overwhelming, you might always move onto another method.

RussianPod101 content navigation improvement

Innovative Language has taken steps to considerably improve this issue by including a special feature called Learning Paths. Their learning pathway is Mastering Level 1 Russian which consists of 179 sequential modules. You complete a module then move onto the next one. It is not a great solution but will be very helpful to new learners. If you want to try Russian pod101 for yourself then sign off by logging in to their account on our Site. Has anyone using the Russianpod 101 before? What do you think? Please share your thoughts on DailyMail online and @dailymailes.

A short background story.

After about one year of practice I could have basic interactions only… I lay down to sleep. And I thought: “What should I do during my studies? Is it enough for me to talk in a normal way??”. I can’t imagine that… My entire effort was useless. I resolved to go all-in for the next two weeks of my trip: I went to extreme measures to speak Russian with each one who found my way. I decided not to get in trouble because I couldn’t think clearly without long pause for words. Because of a limited vocabulary of Russians I’ve come to think I’m an 8yr old little child.

What’s included in each lesson?

Chaque lecture has three audio tracks: The review track allows you to quick review a vocabulary and develop it. The dialogue track allows us to simply repeat the dialogue without having to listen to all the explanations. That’s the direction that I’m suggesting most of. The reviews and only dialogue tracks can be downloaded using the premium subscription of RussianPod101. Click here to find more details about the features you must spend more time with the premium subscription to RussianPod 101 that includes the features only available in the premium service.

Try it 7 days for FREE!

Free trial on Facebook is available. Simply give my email or facebook password to access this service. Its features may be. If you study each morning for 15 minutes you go from beginner to advanced Russian speaker in 1 year. Prices begin as small as $4 a month – it’s just over $0.15 cents each day! If you want a program that will help you in improving your spoken Russian then Russianpod101 would be the most interesting one. No payment required: if you want to get a free trial pass you can check out all their services and lessons – with no risk whatsoever.

Should I try RussianPod101?

RussianPod101 can provide fantastic video lessons for beginner to intermediate level students to learn about the Russian idioms and dialects. This Balance will make it less overwhelming to learn Russian while both resources can be used. Intermediate and advanced users may not benefit from Russianpod 101 but the program’s YouTube channel offers some useful advanced videos you can watch. This review may help you decide on which course for beginners and/or professional is better for you? Download as a portable PDF format for use anywhere.

How much does RussianPod 101 cost?

RussianPod101 uses a free model. There is a no cost way to create an unlimited account and access the latest lessons at each level. To access the best content and special features, you have to buy a subscription. Overall I consider it the largest, well-designed resource for studying Russian that is easy to consume. I have something very similar to a beginner training programme that would take you to more advanced level of Russian but that would take you on an interesting and efficient path. I think it will be effective for signing up.

The Russian resources tab

RussianPod101 is a latest Arabic-based version. It explains very clearly how alphabetical and vocabulary works. You can search individual words or total expressions either in the written or voice search results. I personally prefer the word lists which you can add to the embedded flashcard app or run as a slideshow. It’s also a good tool to help students learn the language and vocabulary in the Russian Language and is available in the free Russian Dictionary app. For information, visit www.bte.gov/index.asp.

How Russianpod101 can help you reach your goals?

Most programs concentrate only on one aspect. RussianPod101 does exceptionally well. For instance you’ll learn basic grammar the same way as you practice talking. Consider it an SUV. Should one wheel lack the ideal pressure the whole car will slow and get off balance. I’ll talk about anything else that you’ve got inside our Russianpod 101 programme. You have the same Grammar as doing a conversation with teachers and peers. For example this balance will give you the quickest path towards your goal.

Why 15 minutes a day is all you need?

In the course of a year you can turn from the Absolute Beginner to professional speaker. If you can spare 30 minutes a day, you can become a novice Russian speaker. Because it is an audio program you can listen to it while you are: since it is an audio podcast it allows you to listen to the lesson one by one. I learned only two lessons per day. Even if you have a schedule the whole day you’ll be able to get everything done. To learn Russian by the end of this year! And so…

How does it work?

After ordering your package (base or premium) you will have immediate access to all the resources that RussiaPod101 has to offer. For less than a cup of coffee a day (you can subscribe for as little as $25/month for premium courses) you get access to RussianPod101: “RussianPod101 has helped me to learn Russian and / or. Russiapod 101 review – Scott Stephenson. The interactive dialogue with Anna and Erik is very helpful.

RussianPod101 Review: Summary

This new language development program called RussianPod 101 will bring you Innovative Languages. This website provides you with a free method for learn Russian fast and easy. It offers a large library of lessons out of self-directed courses and class content is excellent. Overall we recommend it as a good course for beginners to intermediate students of Russian speaking.

The program also comes with a 100% satisfaction or your money-back guarantee.

Russianpod101 has a 100% cashback – Guarantees. If you try the program but are not satisfied you have 30 days refundable. What’s worse than learning free language classes online in your language school! What is worse is you get hours of language training from the programme. No complaints, just a quick email to russianpoker101 and they’ll reimburse you.

Here’s How Russianpod101 Will Help You Learn Russian

After listening to the podcast for a year I could talk for hours how the program will exactly help you learn Russian. But because we’re very valuable, I want to talk about 3 things which will help you most to become fluent in Russian.

What do others think about the program? (Russian pod 101 review

The program will help teach you how to speak Russian effectively. It has been created to learn Russian better. The program is being offered in the United States.

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